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Insoles for new generation footwear


01 what is it

Tired of the common woven label,

expensive to apply, annoying to the touch and with poorly detailed logos?

Tired of the common hot stamps,

with single-color foils, which disappear after a few walks and with the concrete risk to see your finished products stuck the  at customs?

Then try 


The patented process that allows you to perform any logo, brand or design on leather insoles and labels, in an indelible way!


02 features

Indesole is indelible!

Highly resistant to rubbing and sweat.


Indesole passes the customs resistance tests

and increases the quality and the aesthetic value of the product.


Indesole is non-toxic and dermatologically tested

from a prestigious Italian university.


Indesole is eco-sustainable.

The processing is performed with eco-sustainable products and by an Energy Green certified company.


Indesole is patented.

To give even more exclusivity to the brand, the manufacturing is covered by patent.


Indesole is 100% Made In Italy.

The processing was conceived and patented in Italy and is carried out completely and exclusively in Italy.


03 creativity

Almost infinite color range.

Extremely defined details.

Possibility of alternating reliefs or almost zero thicknesses.

Glossy, matte finishes or that leave the grain of the leather unaltered.

Creative freedom!

Creative freedom!

Shapes, lines, colors, transparencies, opacities, reliefs ...

Details !

Details !

Small details that make the difference...

Reliefs !

Reliefs !

Also pleasant to the touch ...

Combinations !

Combinations !

Glossy, matte, flat, raised ...

No limits !

No limits !

The only limit is creativity ...


04 channel

Maximum creative freedom for the Style Department.

The most common graphics suites can be used

to create logos and designs, without the limits of traditional techniques.

Indesole Channel

Indesole Channel
Indesole Jellyfish

Indesole Jellyfish

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Indesole Golden Rose

Indesole Golden Rose

Play Video
Indesole Black Grid

Indesole Black Grid

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Altri vantaggi

05 other advantages

Indesole is a flexible process that adapts to the customer's needs:


- logo/design positioning accuracy


- possibility of working on the already cut insole


- easy cleaning in the finishing phase


- high production capacity

Indesole ennobles and gives greater readability and recognisability to the                      brand.



has already been chosen as a distinctive element of quality and innovation by numerous top fashion brands.

Mappa del mondo digitale

Coriumlab S.r.l. is the worldwide exclusive dealer of Indesole manufacturing.


06 contacts


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